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Pam recently moved from Tucson, AZ to Three Rivers, MI. She has been painting since 1976. Originally she was a craft artist and taught tole and decorative painting for 15 years. In 2007 she changed her direction to fine art. Since then her paintings have won 11 awards and has had four to five exhibitions and gallery shows a year. Pam’s paintings are in private collections throughout the world and she has been featured in a number of Tucson, AZ magazine and newspaper articles.

Her medium is acrylic, her subject matter is eclectic, and her style is whimsical with a leaning towards folk art. There is a common aspect in most of her work which is the use of vibrant colors and the incorporation of dots. For this reason, she has been given the title of “The Dot Lady.”

All of her work is original, no prints. Her frames are recycled. She buys them at yard sales and thrift stores and refinishes them. Before creating a painting, she chooses a frame then decide what subject matter and color choice will complement that frame.

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