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2023 Tournament of Writers Winners

Judges' Choice and Gilbert & Ivy Youth Writers Awards will be announced at the Tournament Celebration on April 6, 2023.

2023 Award Winners - Fiction

First Place

Junior Division - Finch High Above by Gabbi Kirchner

Young Adult Division - Egyptian Refuge by Shelbie Walton

Adult Division - Picking up the New Trumpeter by Ross Landers

Senior Division - Echo Chamber by Rick Chambers

Second Place

Junior Division - Moon Bloom by Samantha Ball

Young Adult Division - Frost by Wyatt Walton

Adult Division - Timeless Love by Simon Thalmann

Senior Division - The Angel from Brainerd by Francis Kartch

Third Place

Junior Division - The World Behind the Reflection by Jerzie Harp

Young Adult Division - Words for the End by Alex Roberts

Adult Division - Recursive by Dustin Colwell

Senior Division - Those Lying Eyes by Nancy Smith

2023 Award Winners - Nonfiction

First Place

Junior Division – Schools Need More Recess by Lillian Ross

Young Adult Division – My Sister was an Only Child by Emilie Helmbold

Adult Division – A Trip Down the Pine River by Kristin Youngs

Senior Division – Mapping Reality: Life, Earth, and Everything by Mark Stucky 

Second Place

Junior Division - All About Me by Eleanor Ross

Adult Division – Boys Don’t Cry by Ashley Porter

Senior Division – Grouse Hunting Hysteria by Dan Knasel 

Third Place

Adult Division – Spark and Flicker by Simon Thalmann

Senior Division- Father’s Whiskey Bottle by Bonnie Oswalt

2023 Award Winners – Poetry

First Place

Junior Division – Ode to a Yellow Pencil by Noelle Germay

Young Adult Division – The Monster and the Girl by Hannah Laughery

Adult Division - Hope by Carolyn Adams

Senior Division – Doc in a Box by Carol Braymer 

Second Place

Junior Division - Under Summer’s Wing by Hayden Moden

Young Adult Division – Take the Sun by Ashley Gerber

Adult Division – She and Me by Ashley Porter

Senior Division – An Unanswerable Question by Charles Crouch

Third Place

Junior Division - My Yellow Summer Dress by Hayden McCarty

Young Adult Division – Acceptance? No Foolishness? by Kaylen Holden-Pierce

Adult Division - Lifetime by Dustin Colwell

Senior Division - Waiting by Jo Wiley

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